Joining Destination Viking

Thank you for your interest in the Destination Viking Association and I enclose some background information on the Association and an application form if you wish to join.  The annual membership fee is very modest at 70 Euro. Although the Association is still relatively young, many of the organisations and individuals involved have been actively working together on Viking regional projects over the last 15 years or so.  The Destination Viking Association, which aims to promote the Viking World based on sound knowledge and academic research, was founded in 2007 following on from a number of earlier projects.  The first of these was the Council of Europe’s Viking Cultural Route and subsequent to this, there have been a number of EU funded Viking projects which produced trails and publications relating to the Vikings in the North Sea, Atlantic and Baltic regions.

Each of these 3-year projects brought together committed and enthusiastic individuals with expertise and knowledge of the Viking World and consequently created a broad and strong desire to maintain and continue to promote the Viking World beyond the limited focus of each project.

This led to a realisation of the need for a stand-alone organisation, representing key sites and organisations within the Viking World, acting on a voluntary basis, to promote the Viking world and carry forward a lasting legacy relevant to today.  The Vikings are a potent and popular brand and each region touched by the Vikings has a part to play in transmitting their story.

Accordingly, the Destination Viking Association was formed under Swedish Law in 2007 and currently consists of members from 9 countries.  We also actively seek new members as that will greatly strengthen the representation.  Membership of the Association is open to museums, academic institutions, commercial enterprises and non-profit organisations who, based on pedagogic principles, present the historic and cultural heritage of the Viking Age.  They must also in their daily business or through specific projects run a public activity in accordance with the aims of the Association.
The Destination Viking Association has its AGM in the autumn and another 2-3 Board meetings throughout the year.  Meetings rotate within the membership regions and are linked with relevant events, talks and seminars.  Contact is also maintained through the use of e-mail and Skype.

In addition to the above, the Destination Viking Association is now the custodian of the Council of Europe’s Viking Cultural Route.

I do hope that the enclosed information will encourage you to become a member of the Destination Viking Association.  Application forms should either be sent directly to Gun Bjurberg in Sweden or to myself, whereupon an invoice for the Membership Fee will be issued to you.

I look forward to working further with you in the future.

Yours sincerely,

J. Moncrieff

Destination Viking Association has already involved partners both in the Scandinavian 'home lands' of the Vikings in the Nordic countries as well as in a number of the lands in the west where Scandinavians settled (the Isle of Man, Orkney and Shetland, Faeroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland) and some of the Baltic Sea areas with strong Scandinavian impact during the Viking Age (Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia). The partnership is open to new partners and new countries.