Vikingeborgen Trelleborg

One of the places where the Vikings way of life can be best experienced is in the Trelleborg Viking Fortress near Slagelse in Denmark. Here you will find remnants of one of Harald Bluetooth’s Viking ring fortresses. You will also find a museum, a shop and a reconstructed Viking longhouse.

A thousand year old viking fortress

One of the places where the Viking Age can be most closely experiences is at the Trelleborg Viking Fortress near Slagelse on Zealand, Denmark. In an area of great natural beauty the remnants of a Viking Age ring fortress can be seen. The Trelleborg Viking Fortress is a fantastic cultural heritage from the Viking Age and the best preserved of the four Danish ring fortresses. Along with the Jellinge monuments and Dannevirke the fortresses tell of an exciting and pivotal period in Danish and European history.

The museum

To learn more about the fortress visit the museum by the trelleborg. Models, archaeological finds and reconstructions paint a living picture of the history of the site, its inhabitands and the purpose of the fortress.

Experience the life of the Vikings up close in the reconstructed village Slagløse. The museum has acitivities during the Easter, Pentecost and throughout the summer. Visitors may out the crafts and chores of the Vikings and experience the authentic atmosphere by the food bonfire, bake flatbread, smith a knife, shoot Viking longbows and more.

Street address: 
Trelleborg Allé 4, Hejninge, 4200 Slagelse

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