Sør-Troms Museum

Sør-Troms Museum is a regional museum of Troms county in Norway. The museum is a merger of several museums and attractions and is responsible for cultural heritage work, construction and operation of museums in the region.

Sør-Troms Museum consists of the divisions Trondenes Historiske Senter, Trastad Samlinger, Anna Rogde and the Region Museum. Together these four divisions operate 15 museum facilities or attractions:

  • Trondenes Historiske Senter
  • Trastad Samlinger
  • Skonnerten "Anna Rogde"
  • Lundbrygga
  • Hemmestad Brygge
  • Skjærstad Sildoljefabrikk
  • Grytøy Bygdetun
  • Ole Ottesastua
  • Meløyvær fort
  • Helleren Kraftverksmuseum
  • Sandtorg Bygdetun
  • Steinsland klyngetun
  • Salangsverket
  • Salangen Bygdemuseum
  • Krambuvika Bygdemuseum

In addition to the numerous attractions we organize historical tours along several heritage trails in Sør-Troms, and organise a Viking festival in Trondenes.

Street address: 
Trondenesveien 122, Harstad

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