Øresund Event Center

The Oresund Event Center (OEC) is a project that aims to make the Øresund Region one of the leading regions in attracting, developing and organising international sport, culture and knowledge events.

OEC’s goal is to develop the Øresund Region, and make it Northern Europe’s leading destination in terms of attracting and developing large events, that can contribute to create growth in the region. With increased share of knowledge and development of the competences between central players in the area, Oresund Event Center supports and drives the development of events.

First and foremost, OEC works to formalise the co-operation across the Øresund Region and strengthen the region’s competences within events. Therefore OEC has initiated these concrete activities:

  • The etablishment of Oresund Event Food Network (network for food and event stakeholders)
  • The etablishment of Destination Viking Oresund (network for viking and tourism stakeholders)
  • The development of EVENTRÄFF (network meetings for event stakeholders and other interested)
  • The development of Master Classes (development of the competences of partners of OEC)
Street address: 
Nørregade 7B, DK-1165 København K

Destination Viking Association has already involved partners both in the Scandinavian 'home lands' of the Vikings in the Nordic countries as well as in a number of the lands in the west where Scandinavians settled (the Isle of Man, Orkney and Shetland, Faeroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland) and some of the Baltic Sea areas with strong Scandinavian impact during the Viking Age (Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia). The partnership is open to new partners and new countries.