Lofotr Viking Museum

The site of the largest Viking building ever found in Europe. A full scale reconstruction has been built here.

OVER 1,000 YEARS AGO, one of the most powerful Viking chieftains in Northern Norway ruled at Borg in Lofoten.
The biggest Viking building ever found in Europe stood here.A full-scale 83 metre long reconstruction of the chieftain’s house has been built. The smell of tar and open fires hits you as soon as you walk into the rooms, which are beautifully decorated with handicrafts from the Viking Age. Children and adults can feel at home in this living museum, where nobody ever says ’don’t touch the exhibits’.


is moored at Pollen. If the weather is good, you can help to row it. Axe throwing and archery are also popular (rowing and activities: 15 Jun – 15 Aug, incl. in ticket price).


you can actually meet the
chieftain and his wife, taste Viking food and mead, and learn some history through role-play and tales (every day, all year, groups and individuals. Pre-booking required).

LOFOTR VIKING FESTIVAL: 5 days every year in August.

The annual festival is phenomenally popular! Market, games, competitions, performances, concerts, rowing – and Vikings everywhere.
Film and archaeological exhibitions: Audio guides in 6 languages (N, GB, DE, ES, FR, IT).

Street address: 
Lofotr Viking museum Prestegårdsveien 59 NO-8360 Bøstad, Norway

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