Fotevikens Museum

Foteviken Museum with its Viking town is an archaeological open air museum, with experimental archeology and living history as the main task. Founded in 1995, it is a public institution and a municipal museum in Vellinge Municipality. The museum is a referral body of archaeological affairs in the municipality.

Foteviken Museum, with its Viking town, is an archaeological open-air museum. It is located in an attractive setting on historical land by Höllviken beach. Here you can find the world's only reconstructed Viking town. To wander through the streets between the houses is a unique experience! The houses are constructed on the basis of examples found in the historical and archaeological evidence.

One thousand years ago, the area around the Viking town was one of the biggest trading sites in Viking-period Scandinavia. This was also the place where, around 980, the Viking king Harald Bluetooth established a harbour for his war fleet.

In the museum shop, you can buy books, replica objects etc. There is also a museum restaurant; "Handelsboden" (the Trading Post) which serves lunches during the summer months. Immediately outside the Viking town is a modern holiday village with cottages to rent.

Street address: 
Museivägen 27 23691 Höllviken

Destination Viking Association has already involved partners both in the Scandinavian 'home lands' of the Vikings in the Nordic countries as well as in a number of the lands in the west where Scandinavians settled (the Isle of Man, Orkney and Shetland, Faeroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland) and some of the Baltic Sea areas with strong Scandinavian impact during the Viking Age (Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia). The partnership is open to new partners and new countries.